The Singing Jetcycle

"Buckle your safety belts," the jetcycle sang to Daniel and Audrey. "My seatbelt detectors tell me you're not fully strapped in yet."

"Why'd we have to get a singing jetcycle anyway?" Daniel said.

"It was only a five coin upgrade," Audrey said. "I thought it would make our trip more exciting."

"I can hear you talking about me," the jetcycle said in its singsongy voice. "Audrey is correct indeed. Singing jetcycles are the most exciting ones! La laaaaa laaaaa!"

"Alright, that's enough," Daniel said. "Jetcycle, we're all strapped in. Take us somewhere off the beaten path. Show us your favorite sights."

"'Jetcycle' is too formal. Call me Jetty," the jetcycle sang out. Then it fired up its engine boosters and sped up to 300 mph almost instantly. It sped straight ahead down the dusty pink road, leaving thick pink clouds in its trail.

"Get your kicks," Jetty sang. "On Route 66!"

"Audrey, hold onto me tight," Daniel said. "This thing is fast!"

Soon the straight portion of the road ended, leading to tight curves that went up pointy purple mountains. The jetcycle handled the curves with ease. On one side of the winding road it was jagged and mountainous. On the other side were breathtaking views of the landscape far, far below.

"Where are we going, anyway?" Audrey asked.

"I'm taking you to the place I was born," Jetty sang. "On top of this mountain is a secret cave where magical mists come out of the ground. It's how I got my jetting powers. I go back there a lot to relax on my off days."

"That sounds nice," Daniel said. "Even just the trip up these mountains is stunning."

"I could go faster," Jetty sang. "Want me to?"

"That's alright, I think you're going fast enough..." Audrey said, only to be interrupted.

"You said alright?" Jetty sang out joyously. "Okay, but don't blink or you'll miss the rest of the sights."

A giant purple puff cloud rose from the road, covering the entire mountain. Startled, Audrey blinked.

"Guess what? We're here!" Jetty yelled.

Daniel unbuckled his seatbelt. "Whoa, we're really high up," he said. "I'm feeling a bit faint. How fast exactly did you come up this road?"

"That last part only took a second," Jetty said musically. "That's the beauty of traveling at 73,500 mph. Going from point A to point B happens in the blink of an eye."

Audrey unstrapped herself and brushed a thick layer of purple dust from her dress. "So this is where you were born?" she said.

"Yup, just straight ahead in that yellow cave," Jetty said. "Go in there. I'll follow you."

In front of them was a majestic rock formation, its center illuminated by glowing yellow light. Daniel and Audrey entered the cave and descended into the mountain by foot. As they got deeper into the cave, the light got brighter.

"Keep going, I'm right behind you," Jetty sang out.

The walls of the cave were covered in giant yellow bumps that pulsated with the glow of the light. Daniel put his hand on a wall to steady himself.

"I don't think you should touch the walls in here," Audrey said. "They're moving."

"Moving?" Daniel said. He gasped and pulled his arm away.

They continued down into the cave. The air had become thick and misty, filled with whitish-yellow fog. As they walked, their bodies grew lighter and lighter.

"It's like walking on air," Audrey said. "Try stepping onto the air in front of you instead of the ground. Lift your foot and put it down an inch above the cave floor."

Daniel tried it. "Whoa, I'm standing on air!" he said.

The jetcycle laughed. "Now you know what it's like to be a jetcycle," it sang. "I was just an ordinary transportation device until someone brought me to this cave. These yellow mists gave me the ability to float."

"Does this mean we're turning into jetcycles too?" Audrey said.

"Human jetcycles," Jetty sang. "You'll still be yourselves, just a bit floatier. The longer you stay in here breathing the air, the faster you'll be able to zip on your air cushions."

"What an amazing gift," Daniel said. "Thank you, Jetty."

"I don't know if I would call it a gift," Jetty whispered in song. "You haven't experienced the side effects yet. You won't be normal ever again. You won't fit in with regular humans. But you will be able to float around, seeing the world with me."

Audrey and Daniel looked at each other. "What have we done?" Audrey asked, her voice breaking out into song.

"Why are you singing?" Daniel said, also singing.

"Uh oh..." Jetty sang.

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