CIA Agent Rex Barkely

Early in my career I worked in CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia as an intelligence analyst. Not as exciting as it sounds, my day was spent day pouring over data and writing algorithms to extract meaningful data from people's personal email.

Once I extracted that data into something meaningful, I would present it to my supervisor, Rex Barkely. He was a man of few words, he spoke little and wanted you to be as terse as possible in return. For example, once I discovered something that looked important and brought it to him. I was explaining it in detail when he interrupted me.

"Less words!" Rex growled.

I shivered under his angry stare. Then I found the courage to say, "Danger on route 66."

"Well?" Rex gobbled.

"Should we alert the civil or military authorities?" I asked timidly.

"Yes!" Rex barked.

"Either or both?" I asked, cringing.

"Yes!" Rex roared.

I lost all my courage then and ran from him, my proverbial tail between my legs. At my desk I alerted both the civil and military authorities. I also hit the big CIA red alert button for good measure.

Things went a bit crazy. The entire building was locked down, as was all of Langley and Washington, DC. Route 66 was closed in the middle of rush hour, which you can imagine caused people to be hours late getting home.

It was a false alarm.

You might wonder how it could be that I still managed to get onto this mission. Well, I was a junior analyst and Rex was a supervisor. It was his job to evaluate what I did before triggering alerts, and he had fallen through on the job. I ended up with a minor reprimand and Rex was transferred to Antartica for the rest of his career.

The last I ever saw of Rex was him whining like a bad dog as he packed up his desk.

Note: I never worked at the CIA, I just thought I did.

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