Daniel and Audrey Roy Greenfeld write fantasy novels that take you on fast-paced epic adventures through magical lands. Knights, mages, and Greek mythology–inspired gods fight for power, often resulting in death and destruction. Young squires in awkwardly-fitting armor and apprentice mages still learning spells are left to clean up the mess. Dryads talk to trees and negotiate with the dead. Youthful romances blossom, only to be interrupted by invasions by dark legions. Chivalry is alive, and love triumphs over race and class divisions.

They are also experienced software professionals and co-authors of a series of Python web development books. They have given keynote speeches at numerous academic and professional Python and Django conferences around the world. Daniel has worked for NASA and Audrey went to MIT and worked for microsoft. Together, they have authored many popular open-source utility libraries, which are in production use by thousands of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies.

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